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Black Trans Women & Street Harassment:

Conversations on Street Harassment often exclude Black Trans Women because we don’t view them as women& we see their bodies as inherently deserving of violence. We tend to see street harassment of trans women, not as gender based systematic violence, but as non-existent or inexplainable & unavoidable tragedy.


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5 Shocking Ways the Modern World Screws Blind People




Okay despite that lead-in, Cracked actually wrote a really great article about Blindness? (Starting with MOST BLIND PEOPLE HAVE SOME VISION, GUYS, and ending with like, social model?)

It’s really good go give it page views.

Good read! Lots of great information. 

This is a very good read. My mother has been blind since she was 19 from scarring on her retina caused by uveitis. Most people wouldn’t peg her as blind— she doesn’t use a cane or a guide dog.

In the last 10 years, she has sprained or broken her ankle 7 times from walking up or down stairs. I can’t tell you how many times she has been hit by a car. People have accused us of being scam artists because I have to help her use the ATMs and the machines at store check outs. When I was explaining to her what ableism means, I used examples directly from her life experiences.

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"i meant to get up and run errands five hours ago: who needs groceries when you have migraines and fatigue?"  an autobiography