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findyouranchorpoint asked: (In order) No idea for your first name (Alex maybe?), Rabbit/Lakota, 23?, genderqueer, bisexual (maybe demisexual?), English, single, likes include the massive "arts" umbrella, Marvel movies, WTNV, and having a good time, dislikes include people being assholes and waiting for Marvel movies. Random fact is that you're a total BAMF who doesn't take anyone's crap.

oh wow most of this is fairly accurate actually
my first name is actually lakota but i don’t mind overmuch what people call me so i suppose it doesn’t come up often
i’m also an androgyne rather than genderqueer but that’s really close and i have previously used the word genderqueer to describe myself so /shrug
i don’t think i like marvel movies as much as everyone expects me to? i like superheros in theory but i think i appreciate the critical meta more than the official content tbh. i do follow a fair few marvel fans here though so i’m not at all surprised by this assumption
thanks so much for the response!

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if you feel the need to piss and moan about how much you hate self-diagnosis i’m going to have to ask you to leave

no one is saying professionals can’t diagnose things or that professional diagnosis isn’t valuable

what people are saying is that it is sometimes impossible or dangerous to get a professional diagnosis

actually fuck off

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