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Jewish people in New York protesting for Palestine’s freedom.

Gaza Under Attack

Actually, no, this is not what they’re doing. These protests related to the Israeli attempts to start drafting Orthodox Jews into the Israeli occupation army. Under what was known as the Tal Law, Israeli Jews who were studying in the yeshiva were exempt from conscription (often the students would stay students indefinitely, thus avoiding the army completely). In 2012, the Israeli supreme court declared the law unconstitutional, which prompted outrage from the Orthodox Jewish community.

While some of the people in attendance at these protests are explicitly anti-zionist, they are very much a minority, and it has very little to do with the Palestinian people’s rights. Their opposition to zionists stems from a theological dispute, wherein they argue that a Jewish state can only be brought about by the Messiah.

So these images are not what they appear to be.

(Source: intifadda, via nombinary)

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